Captain Josh grew up in Florida where he first started his career as a boat Captain. From his hometown, he has traveled to Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Philippines, the Northern Marianas Island (Saipan) and its neighboring islands. Along his travels, he has honed his skills as a boat captain, received his sailing endorsement and has become a certified Freediving Instructor.



Northern Marianas Island

While living in Saipan, Captain Josh captained the 50-ft Vaka Motu Okeanos Marianas. During his work with Okeanos, he spread awareness of ocean conservation. He sailed to Saipan's remote neighboring islands and provided resources to the island's locals and freedove in the Philippines.


U.S. Virgin Islands

Captain Josh spent a few years in St. Thomas, USVI where he worked on a 60-ft sailboat prior to Hurricane Irma and Maria. He has taken his guests on multiple snorkel trips, provided guest education, chartered spearfishing and lobstering trips, and sailed to the neighboring islands. While on St. Thomas has has participated in several Spearfishing Tournaments.


Hawaii & Key West

Captain Josh attended college in Hawaii where he spent his free time exploring the waters, spearfishing, and freediving. After college, he returned to his home state in Florida and chartered his own fishing boat.