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Please be sure to download and review  the Liability and Waiver Form prior to your trip date. You can submit the completed form via the website prior to the trip or one will be provided to you prior to departure.


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Call or Text: (813) 245-7169

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* Captain & Mates rely on your generosity. A 20% tip is customary for Charter Boats. We appreciate your business!*


  • Can we keep our catch? Guests can keep their catch (if it is legal within Florida State Limits)

  • What about filleting our catch? We will fillet and bag your catch. There are also several restaurants that can cook your fish in the Florida Keys.

  • Do I have to bring my own gear? You are more than welcome to bring your own gear. If you do not have gear, we will provide all the gear for your trip (snorkel, fishing poles, tackle & bait, speargun and pole spear)

    • Please disclose to the staff if you have any shellfish allergies as shrimp and squid may be used as bait (we do have alternatives).​

  • Do you provide refreshments? We provide bottled waters. You are more than welcome to bring your own refreshments, alcohol, and snacks.

  • What other things should we bring on our trip? Please bring sunscreen as the Florida sun can be harsh. If you know that you will get sea-sick please plan accordingly, if not let the Captain or mate know. Most of all, have fun and enjoy a trip with Merman Charter Co.!

  • Do we have to tip? It is customary to tip your Captain/mate/fishing guide 20% of the trip fare.